Here is the shortest version of our journey for the 59 second attention span -

FOMO is a brand started by two resilient 21 year olds, Gaurang & Avik, who are foodies from Delhi and athletes since school.

The launch was preceded by recipe formulations in the kitchens of the founders, MVP testing on roads and retail shops before commercializing the recipe with a food tech to finally start selling in August'22.

The starting point of a legitimate brand building journey in our perspective began when FOMO got a major client onboard - Khan Chacha in Delhi NCR.

Bas tabse hustle kar rahe because vibes bro!

Now the longer version for the love of reading, curiosity for stories and people who find the founders cute

“Kya Pila Raha Hai Yaar! Flavoured Cheeni Aur Dawai Ke Alawa Option Nahi Hai Kya?”

“Bhai Ye Saare Products Dekh Aur Phir Inke Label Dekh, Iss Iced Tea Main Tea Hi Nahi Hai”

It’s a brave new world. Iced teas don’t have teas, lemonades don’t have lemons and well, the list goes on. Prices drive this? Sure, the giant companies are making sugar waters at costs that are low af and still charge the consumers a premium.

On average, we all pay 7x of what sugar costs as soon as it is given a fancy product name. Sugar sells at Rs. 40 a kg and an iced tea powder (that is 85-90% sugar) sells at Rs. 500.

This didn’t sit right with us. Beverages that are great for hydration, that are flavorful
replacements to sodas & colas are deceitful and rather happen to be worse sometimes.

Product Inception

We started working on recipes with this thought. Two 20 year old boys from Delhi trying to get things done in the kitchen only meant one thing - mess.

The iced teas were born out of this mess. But because our recipes were made in our kitchens first, in the consumer domain and not inhumane labs; they taste supremely good & are innately light.

The second bar fight for us was with the refined ingredients, preservatives and chemicals. We decided to make our products with ingredients (teas, honey, khand) coming from the hinterlands of India. Oh, trust us once we started this brand, we understood why are the current products ladened with these shady ingredients. But hum Dilli ke hain, we don’t back down from fights.

Current Day

Till this day, our recipes are made in-house and ingredients are sourced from the indian hinterlands. Chalo product sort, ab aage kya?

Nothing elaborate, just plain old selling and focusing on
consumer delight day in day out. Hydration that doesn’t make you feel bad, is not boring and allows you to pause & live the current moment. Vibe check!

The company’s mission is bolder than ever, we feel highly thankful and we are planning to grow with our consumers. How are we going to do that? Nothing elaborate, just plain old selling and focusing on consumer delight day in day out.

Vibe Check, One Sip At A Time!
Cheers & Stay Tuned :)