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Exclusive Trial Bundle (3 Flavours)

Exclusive Trial Bundle (3 Flavours)

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Est Delivery- 1-2 Days for Delhi NCR, 3-5 Days for Rest of India

  • Same Day Dispatch
  • Whole Tea Leaves
  • No Refined Sugar
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What is FOMO?

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out but also more optimistically for Finding Out Meaningful Opportunities. We believe in living in the moment and chasing our bold, free-spirited yearnings. For that, whenever things get too overwhelming and you feel you will miss out on something - pause, hydrate and trust the vibe check of #TheGoodKindaFOMO

How to store?

Bottles can be stored in ambient temperatures. However, once opened refrigerate and consume within 2 days!

Is this zero sugar?

The honest answer is FOMO is not for diabetic people, it contains natural sweeteners.

But more importantly, it does not have any refined or white table sugar at all. We sweeten our products from the sweeteners that nature has given us - honey, khandsari & in future we may use monkfruit or jaggery but never refined sugar. Our goal is to cut out refined ingredients as much as possible but we don’t believe in taking away the sweetness. Like, you shouldn’t stop being sweet just because you fear getting hurt right?

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Hey, if you are a competitor please skip this answer.

But jo apne bande hain - lads, for y’all here’s the thing. Our core ingredients are sourced from the hinterlands of India. Black tea comes from the pesticide free estates of Assam & Siliguri, Khandsari comes directly from local mills, honey comes from the bee keepers. We tried talking to the bees but they don’t deal directly, but our bee-keepers understand them and practice safe extraction such that bee health is protected and honey is not over extracted.